Internet Solutions for a Dangerous World

Web Development

We do a lot of it. We work with the many of the best designers, engineers, graphic artists and marketing executives in Silicon Valley and across the country to create the online presence of companies large and small. Our clients employ PyrateTech whenever they want to push the edge or when they simply need the job done.

The Pyrates are a resourceful team of developers and programmers, systems and network adminstrators of the highest calibre who have been navigating the dark waters of the Internet for decades. We have been helping 'the Net' to evolve since the early Nineties, and consequently we have evolved with it. Web pages are becoming web apps and IRC became Chat and IM and SMS . And now we are moving our web to the cloud. People have built careers on their email. The Internet has become ubiquitous with the advent of 'smartphones'. Security and privacy are no longer a matter of choice, but rather a neccessity.

We can navigate and guide you through all of these waters and more. We support all of the internet needs of your office or home, because we live in the Net. It is our job, and our hobby. We support Windows or Mac desktops and servers and are adept at BSD *NIX and most flavors of Linux.

Pyrate Sightings

  • Feb 22 Cruised to Galpagos Islands. Swam with penguins and octopi.
  • May 22 Sails on the horizon! Pyratetech has weathered the pandemic and is beginning to move about the world. Coming to a small office near you!

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