Concierge IT Support, Infrastructure Deployment, Development and Security

PyrateTech speciallizes in personalized desktop support, data security and management for busy Executives and small to medium offices. We offer onsite service to businesses and individuals in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area. Remote support and online service administration is available 'virtually' anywhere.

Our crew has the skills and expertise to help keep your computers and personal devices clean and connected to the Internet. We can help manage and configure your online assets and services big or small, from AWS to GoDaddy, AT&T to Verizon, Google Suite to Microsoft 365. Whether installing a new wireless router or coordinating a new office build out, PyrateTech can help you get and stay connected.

We have expertise with most web technologies and the servers on which they run. As well as extensive experince administrating Google Business Suite and MS365 tenents. We support VoIP and Wireless networks. We are also well versed in virus and malware removal, disk and disaster recovery on PC's, Macs or *NIX based systems.

We offer immediate emergency service and personalized service to our monthly support clients, and we can generally have a skilled technician at your site within hours, in the case of an emergency.

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Note Regarding Security
From our very beginings, we Pyrates are discrete by nature and very serious regarding personal privacy and data security. All of our best practices and professional advice, though tedious and sometimes cumbersome, will be weighted with a concern for your privacy and safety foremost and only then a weathered eye towards the day to day 'ease of use'.

“ I do not care what your secrets are, only that you keep them secret.”
Nyghtmare, Senior SystemsAdmin, BOFH at PyrateTech


Our customized plan will ensure your entire business is
covered at every stage:

  1. Software Consulting
  2. Software Programming
  3. Website Design and Maintenance
  4. Email Server
  5. Application Hosting/Maintenance
  6. Network Maintenance

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